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Our SEO Strategy

on-page SEO is important

On-Page SEO

Full web design overhaul.  SEO starts with what’s on the page, how it looks, and how it interacts with search engines.  Most importantly – how your customers behave on your web pages. If Google ranks your page high in their results, it MUST engage your visitors or they will start to unrank you.

SEO strategy for greeley

Off-page SEO

Off the website is where the SEO game is truly played.  It’s all about promoting and driving traffic to your website from multiple channels to help you convert more customers.  Google is running a popularity contest everyday – analyzing which sites are better than others, and how many other websites link to yours. 

taking a deeper dive in google adwords and seo


The easy side of SEO.  Choose some keywords to go after, pay Google to place your ad at the top of the page, and sit back as the customers roll in.  Management and strategy must be in-depth to show great results, but any business can perform this method no matter how big or small.

Where Do You Rank in Google?

SEO Overview

Search engine optimization (SEO), is the single most profitable channel for any business to explore.  When done correctly, SEO can take your business or project venture to entirely new levels!  Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. have all designed a computer algorithm that automatically crawls, reads, and analyzes your webpage.  They then take that information and compare it to your competitors websites.  When someone in the world searches for your product or service – the better ranking websites will show up at the top of the search results, and ultimately see many more customers than lo ranking sites.  It goes much deeper than just the words on the page.  You must perform HTML coding, meta data adjustments, and back-linking in order to be truly successful with your search engine campaign.

There are two types of SEO to perform on a website, and each of them hold their own strengths.  On-page SEO is the first task that must be completed.  This refers to the design and content within your webpages, the visual stuff.  Here is a link to a great article on the Top 200 Google Ranking Factors. 

Off-page SEO comes second, after you have designed and overhauled all of your current webpages.  Off-page optimization refers to gaining “back-links” from other websites.  Therefore, you must write high quality blog posts and approach other companies and attempt to gain a link back to your company’s site.  It’s best to start with basic directories like Yellow Pages, Dex, Neustar, etc.  Then you’ll want to start going after industry specific directories that fit the niche you operate within.   That should get your website on the right track to success.  Blog writing and approaching other blogs to post your work, is another form of gaining back-links.

LeadFarm as a Greeley marketing agency, is dedicated to helping our customers conquer on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and overall ranks.  Give us a call today to have an audit completed on your website.

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