Social Media Management

Companies large and small know that in 2019 we must invest in social media and content to reach targeted audiences and customer types.  Long gone are the days of spending countless dollars on billboards, radio ads, and print advertising.

Social media and the internet have opened the floodgates for even the smallest company to compete with the brand giants of any industry.

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Social Media Strategy

social media video production

Pillar Content

Pillar content is the most important aspect of social media management.  It’s free, it just takes time.  For instance, you make an hour long video discussing your business and relevant topics.  After that, you post it to the channels where you have the most followers.  Viewers and visitors will find the content, view it, and ultimately interact with your business.  This is the best way to build a following very quickly!

Micro Content

Micro content is the key to driving views and engagements with your social media management and marketing.  These are small snippets, memes, and videos created by editing the main pillar content.  As an example, we were able to drive over 190k engagements to one video.  We did this by posting small pieces of the content across the smaller social channels and funneling viewers to the main content.

social media advertising on all platforms


The hype is real.  Social media marketing is the main focus of most businesses and marketing agencies world-wide.  LeadFarm is able to actively manage your social media pages, as well as your ads account.  We do in-depth A/B testing to find the advertising set that works best for your business model.  We also focus largely on the conversion %’s of visiting customers. 

“We signed on with LeadFarm in July to help with our social media marketing.  Since that point we have grown our followers to over 10,000 people on Instagram, 8,000 on Twitter, and we get thousands of likes and comments on our Facebook media posts.  These guys know their stuff, hands down.”

-Lance Mijares, CEO – Pruvn Clothing & TurntUpTV

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