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How Web Design Helps Your Business

Responsive Website Design

Benefit: User Experience on your site

Giving users a great experience on your website is key to converting them into paying customers.  Our clients receive state-of-the-art web design for their desktop and mobile users.  Having an interactive website and multiple ways for a visitor to contact you is very important.

Website Promotion

Benefit: Inbound Leads & Branding

Having a nice looking site is pretty standard in 2019.  However, having the ability to actively promote and drive traffic to your site is where the battle is truly won.  An Omni-channel approach is necessary to successfully capturing visitors’ attention and turning them into customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Benefit:  #1 Rankings in Google

By ranking #1 in search engines across the USA, when people look for your type of service/product – you show up first and receive 70% more clicks & visitors!  Other forms of marketing drive your brand awareness, SEO puts you directly in front of customers with “intent” – looking for your business type.

Why choose leadFarm?

  • Ranked #1 organically for Greeley Marketing Agency (Our home city)
  • Ranked #1 organically for Loveland Marketing Agency (neighboring city)
  • Ranked #1 for Greeley SEO
  • Professional responsive Web Design
  • Project Tracking Software for all clients
  • Online traffic increase GUARANTEED!
  • Monthly status reports and rank reporting
  • In-depth keyword and SEO analysis
  • A+ Reviews on BBB, Google, and Thumbtack
  • No outsourcing, everything is handled by our in-house team

Our company’s mission is to grow online traffic and revenue benchmarks for your company’s digital marketing presence.  Using Website SEO combined with social media and online advertising, our team of experts have proven results of driving massive amounts of traffic and sales conversions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

SEO Experts

Recognized by Our Clients


Craig was awesome to work with!  We originally hired him for just web design, but once we started focusing on website traffic that was when we took our business to new levels with the SEO strategy he created for us.  Over our 6 month plan we increased our club membership counts by over 500% which resulted in $32,000 in revenue just from our campaign with Craig.

We trust him with all of our online marketing, and are very happy as a monthly customer of LeadFarm.

Robert Devore

rob commenting on loveland marketing agency

DarkTimber Waterfowl Club / Darktimber Outfitters

One of the most knowledgable SEO companies we have ever come across. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their online business.
Craig and his team went above and beyond in so many ways to make sure both of our websites were ranking high in Google, and that we were happy with their service.  These dudes freakin’ rock!

James Howard

recommending loveland marketing agency LeadFarm

Wellmart LLC - Wellmart CBD

Follow Your LIVE Website Rankings!

A Look at our SEO tracking Tools

SEO ranks image
  • LeadFarm’s SEO services include a number of different cutting-edge tracking and reporting tools for your company to keep tabs on anytime!  Using “City Name” SEO to your advantage will help boost online traffic and keep customers from finding your competitors first.
  • We are committed to providing transparent reporting and a knowledge base to assist you in setting and achieving all of your digital marketing goals!
  • With second by second live tracking, you are able to see gains and losses in your online rankings, traffic levels, visitors, etc..  With this information you will be making smart, quick, informed marketing decisions on the fly!  Our team of Marketing Executives are available 24/7/365 for any questions you may have regarding SEO or digital marketing.
SEO tracking report

How Website SEO Works for you!

Customer Searches for your business type

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world.  Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, a plumber, how to spell a word, celebrities, etc..  Google is the place you go!

Your business shows up #1 in the results

If you’re looking for a plumber and type it into Google, there’s a 72% chance that you’ll click on the very first result below the advertisements.  Call the number.  Schedule a date for your plumbing service.  And Voila!

Now apply that to your business world.

Directing Traffic to your website

Achieving the #1 ranking and having customers find you is only half the battle.  Once they click onto your website, it must engage them and drive them towards contacting you and your team.  Once you capture their information or receive a call, it is up to your team or yourself to close the sale and generate the revenue from that customer!

Finding customers with intent to buy

The principle difference between SEO and digital marketing is the user’s intent to buy something or use a service.  SEO puts you in front of people actively looking for your product or service, whereas running digital ads puts you in front of everyone on a certain platform.  Conversions are historically much higher in Google, simply for the reason above.

Get your custom SEO strategy today!

We rank #1 for multiple keywords inside of our own business plan.  That’s how you found us, as well as all of our current clients.  We can do the same for you!

Our unique SEO approach allows you to maintain your brand quality and image, while increasing your online presence in search engines and other online platforms.

If you want to grow your business in 2019, then you must have a digital marketing execution plan in place.  Schedule a call with a member of our team, and let’s make your marketing budget work for you!

Free SEO Audit

Web Design Pricing

“We filled out a form on LeadFarm’s website to see how much the cost would be to have them handle our project.  Not only did they respond immediately, but they were able to customize their package to fit our company’s budget.”

-Stacey Downen, Farmer’s Insurance

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